Review: Echofon Twitter client for iOS

Echofon is one of the most popular free Twitter clients available in the App Store, having a paid, ad free version as well. I’m a Tweetbot user on my iPod touch because I love how interactive the app is with all the sounds and the gestures. I’ve downloaded Echofon because every review of Echofon I read was positive. So without further ado, let’s get started. 

1- UI (User Interface)

The UI used in Echofon is similar to the UI found in Twitter for iPhone. For example, the tweets timeline is some-what similar to the timeline found in Twitter for iPhone. It’s just because of a couple of tweaks which differentiate it from Twitter for iPhone. Also, Echofon uses a fantasic API so tweets update automatically. 

2 - Options and settings

Every Twitter client must come bundled with an “option” option. This allows a user to customise the app in a way they find preferable. In Echofon, the menu and setting are on the same page (setting button on the menu page) for quick and easy access. 

3 - Taskbar

Every Twitter client I’ve seen on iOS always has a taskbar, but they all come in different forms. The taskbar in Echofon for iOS is very similar to the taskbar found in Twitter for iPhone. 

4 - Lists

On Twitter, the “list” feature is a way to organise different users, for example, you may have one list which consist of users who only tweet about technology, and you may have a list which consist of users who only tweet about nature, etc. Some people may have lists, other may not. I’ve got one list and I would like a way to easily access the list. In Echofon, list are ordered categorically; “Created lists” and “followed lists”. 

5- Trends and hashtags

On Twitter, a trend is ”a hashtag which is being used in several tweets at the same time”. For example, when it’s Christmas, the hashtag #christmas may be trending or on New Years Day, the hashtag #happynewyear may be trending. Trends would need to be located somewhere simple to find, and in a place where the trending hashtags are important, getting rid of clutters. Another great feature of Echofon is that it allows the user to use previous hashtags in their current tweets, similar to other Twitter clients for iOS. 

Also, in Echofon, there’s an added ability to search for hashtags and users, from one search bar. 

6 - Profile layouts

Every now and then, you may feel like visiting a users profile whom you may admire. However, an app must display a users profile in an organised manner and in a way everything doesn’t seem cluttered. I must say, the developers of Echofon done a terrific job at organising a users profile. There are added options to search for the users lists, check tweets they’ve retweeted and check how many of their tweets have been retweeted. 

Things that can be improved - Echofon would have been better if there were sounds that play when a user interacts with the app, for example, in Tweetbot for iPhone, the app plays a tune everytime you post a tweet, reply to a user, retweet and view a users conversation. Without sound, the app seems partially “quiet”. 


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